A Football System That Stood The Test Of Time!

First introduced in 2015, this ultra-consistent technique genuinely averages £1,400 per week and has long winning sequences and very high strike rate.  

Dear reader, 

Due to popular demand, I'm re-opening the Best Of Betfair system. The feedback on this is just fantastic and the system seems to be going from strength to strength and now performs even better than when first introduced in 2015. This is a Special One Time Offer - Half Price - and you can even get another £20 off the half price if you buy now - just use coupon: BOB11 

OK, more on this later, but first, let me show you a perfect football system...  

A Perfect System All Year Round

The Best Of Betfair is based on Betfair Volumes and works throughout the year. The system is quick and very easy to follow, you'll visit a certain specialised FREE website and pick several teams based on Betfair volumes and weight of money. It takes less than 5 minutes a day to operate this system.

The Method

With this system you'll be checking "the weight of money", in other words - how much money is pouring on certain football games in terms of matched bets and what percentage of the matched bets goes on which team.  

If there is strong market confidence of certain "not so obvious" team winning, you will take either 'double chance' or 'draw no bet' type of bet.  

You will aim for combined odds of at least 2.0 each day which means you'll usually back doubles, trebles or 4-folds, depending on the odds.  


Now You Can INSTANTLY Tap Into This Amazing Money Machine And Generate Cash On The Daily Basis.

To Recap... 

  • The System Gives You One High Accuracy Bet Per Day Aiming For Combined Odds at Least 2.0 or Better.
  • The System Is Fast And Easy To Operate.
  • No experience and no big betting bank is required.
  • No Trading (Backing and Laying) Is Involved.

Here Are Actual Examples...

Follow the Money With... "Best Of Betfair"


  • You'll be making £1,400 per week in pure profit from only 1 'dead-cert' type of bet each day.  
  • The bets are almost always double chances, so despite markets indicating clear win, we always play safe.  
  • The System gives you combined odds of at least 2.0. On average the odds are good, 2.75 - 3.0, sometimes even higher.  


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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You'll never have to worry about a refund. Once you start using the Best Of Betfair System and see no results or progress, just drop me a note and I'll give you 100% refund. 



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Yours in Sport,  

Ross Mihal

P.S. This is top quality, proven football system and with a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee, I have completely taken the risk out of the equation.  

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