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But first...  

Let me be clear so you don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about obvious short prices such as newspaper guesses, or picks based on short bookies odds, you know...Chelsea to beat Dover Athletic in the Cup. No, no, no....  

You’ll be finding absolutely top rated selections that are roaring and ready to go - teams that almost always win their matches convincingly yet with decent prices too, 1.8, 1.9, 1.75.  

I can tell you, at the moment only a few people in the UK know about this astonishing system and it really turned their lives around, so powerful is this information.  

Now, straight away I would ask you not to worry. This is not complicated at all and you certainly do not have to have any experience. There’s nothing technical in the slightest. In fact, it is a very simple system. Really you are going to love this - it's a whole lot easier than you think!  

OK, let me show you what I mean...  

Here’s the great thing about this method. I really couldn’t believe how easy and quick it was when I tried it out the first time. And all you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You go into certain internet resources, I’ll show you where to click how to navigate your way to mine certain priceless data – this takes you 4 clicks and 6 or 7 seconds. Now the information opens on your screen and I will explain to you where to look and what to check...that will be another 7, maybe 10 seconds.  

Then you click on another resource and check one piece of information that will be displayed on your screen - 5 seconds.  

After that you will have to find the odds – either on your bookie website or on www.oddschecker.com - that would be some 40 seconds, let’s say 1 minute maximum. And that’s it! 1 minute and 22 seconds...a really neat and clever way of making money...  

In general, every day you will simply look for certain top rated selections for the day – selections ready to be backed, provided the odds are not too short.

And here’s the BOMBSHELL my friend – this single piece of information must be worth at least £500, and probably twice as much....

I’ll show you how to find ‘a JACKPOT’ – certain Special bets that occur only maybe twice or three times a week – a bet that almost always wins, often at 1.9, 2.0, 1.8, 1.72. (at the time of writing no loss in 3 months, approx 2 bets per week!!!) I will explain everything and will even show you where to find the full write up, explanation and reasoning behind these Special Bets that almost never lose!!! Think about it...  

You can now unleash the most powerful secret betting weapon and thank me for years to come. The beauty of this system is you DON’T need to know anything about football. Just follow the simple steps and that’s it. I honestly reckon a kid could do this. The system comes with a full colour manual which really does walk you through step by step. 

Who Needs This System?  

• Anyone who wants to find proven, reliable and very profitable accumulator selections - in the blink of an eye! • Anyone who wants to Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time • Anyone who wants to be able to find special bets that almost never lose (at the time of writing no loss in 3 months, approx 2 bets per week!!!) • Trust me, these accas are really good, with the individual selections priced up at 1.8, 1.9, 1.72 and the like. These winning multiples are going to turn you ON! • You’ll get instant access to certain resources that only relatively few people know about.  

• The system is proven to work and the profit is fast, without ‘lifting a finger’, so to speak. • If you want a shortcut to a regular accumulator winnings – this is for you.. • This strategy is the only right way. I’ve been on the trenches for the past 15 years – this has changed the way I operate. • Here is a bullet-proof system to pick the right football teams on a day to day basis that will produce stunning results for you. • Get the absolute most powerful accumulator system you will ever discover  

• Pre selected, a superbly researched daily list of teams that are considered maximum type bankers will make Football Accy a Game Changer in an instant. • This proven secret will turn your betting life around immediately. Indeed, this secret skill will allow you to buy anything you want without looking at the price tag...as you’ll see. • You will unleash the most powerful secret weapon in football betting and thank me for years to come - for revealing this to you!  

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Sizzling Hot - Football Accy Pro - is now available for a limited time on a first come first served basis and will be withdrawn from the market without warning once we have filled the available spots.  

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P.P.P.S. Remember you'll also be able to find Special Bets that almost never lose (at the time of writing - no loss in 3 months, approx 2 bets per week!!!). You must act NOW!  

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